Xe nâng điện 3.5 tấn

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  • Xe nâng điện mini 3.5 tấn
  • Model: CBD35
  • Động cơ: Electric AC
  • Nhiên liệu: Lead-acid
  • Tâm tải trọng: 600 mm
  • Tải trọng nâng: 3.5 ton
  • Chiều cao nâng: 230 mm
Hotline: 0968.531.488

HELI forklift mini CBD35-510/520/530 is Electric forklifts semi-automatic hand. Is the senior of HELI, produced on modern technological lines.

Advantages HELI forklift CBD35-510/520/530

  • Electronic power steering system, light and low noise
  • Drive unit floating bodies with patent design
  • AC driving system, No carbon brush, maintenance free
  • USA CURTIS driving controller
  • Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system
  • Automatic lifting, motor and battery life extension
  • Load backrest is standard
  • Side-way battery is standard

Safety HELI forklift CBD35-510/520/530

  • Curve automatic deceleration devices, more safe
  • Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet
  • Controller with multiple automatic protection
  • Emergency reversing device/Emergency brake switch

Options forklift battery CBD35-510/520/530

  • Long or short forks
  • Battery: FAAM 330/490 Ah

Sales forklift HELI CBD35-510/520/530

  • Commitment: The lowest selling price, fastest delivery, the most long-term warranty.
  • Contact us for advice choosing a best electric forklifts semi-automatic hand

Catalogue xe nâng điện mini HELI CBD35-510/520/530

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